Resident visa expires 12/31/23

I have booked a flight to Panama and return in 3 days. I will start my visa process before I leave. I want to know if when I return they will let me come back in on the 90 day tourist status or if they will not let me enter. It will be a new calendar year when I return.

You come back in 2024 you are good for 90 days and another 90 after that with an extensión

You are allowed 180 days per calender yeat

@nico peligro

thank you so much! i will only be out of the country for 3 or 4 days so i thought they might get me on that, even though ill be leaving in 2023 and returning in 2024. I'll be applying for my visa again in a few days so i dont have to worry about getting to a point of needing an extention.

or is it 180 days in a 360 day period regardless of if the calendar year changed? a calender year

You are confusing with the tax requirements , which are 183 days in 365.

Which means if you only leave for 3 days you will be a tax resident very shortly ..assuming you are a US citizen or citizen  of another country that does not have a beneficial tax agreement with Colombia.

Hope you already knew  this and I am not giving you any more worries LOL

@nico peligro im retired and dont work to earn money. i currently have no tax liability in any country no matter where i live.


Well  if you believe are one step ahead

Ignorance is bliss..and DIAN are either incompetent, really dont care, or a combination of the two

I know guys ..US residents who survived her 20.years with that attitude.even though per the, it is totally wrong..depending on your home  country and type of income you recieve..

Ditto nico peligro comment in the above, I have been traveling to and everywhere in Colombia for 34 years, perhaps a hundred plus visits lasting from a few weeks to 6 months in a year since my maiden visit to Bogota in November of 1990, and now for  the past 10 years calling Medellin my home..............

................. yes I have seen it all and like the above comment also know of US residents thinking they have outsmarted the Colombian powers to be, some have and keep dodging the bullet so to speak while others have not and then all of a sudden they, when found out and sent a tax bill, claim how unfair the system it, blah, blah, blah

I simply live for and enjoy the day, have all my documents and taxes up to date on my apartment which I have owned in Medellin for 8 years, my property taxes, my Medellin registered car papers including insurance and yearly tax/registration, if I get a traffic fine I simply pay it, have and maintain my Colombian drivers and moto license w/renewals/all in good standing, my cedula, health insurance (EPS-SURA monthly payments even though I seldom use it, have established top credit history with Colombian banks and actually love my Bancolombia account with multiple credit cards and lines of credit, which I seldom get my point.................

And boy do I sleep good at night, I travel frequently whenever and to whatever destination to my liking, if something pops up I resolve is to short to be thinking how to work the system, live and let live.

I say this and 99.98% of expats simply can't get it, if your one that does you now what is truly important in life.