If I over stay my time on tourist permision

Hey all, question, if I overstay my time here in colombia but ive gotten married will there be a issue trying to change my status to a marriage visa?


I can't say, I know answer to that question, but in reasoning, if you have overstayed your time and got married afterwards, you may need to rectify that issue first. Getting married does not justify overstaying time.

consulting an attorney wouldn't be a bad idea.

congratulations though.

I guess the question would be how did you get married without legal residence?

You need to be in legal status in order to apply for a visa once they see your passport stamp is already over they will deny your visa and you won't be able to reapply for 6 months.

I wouldn't suggest you do that. You might get a fine and/or more trouble when it comes time to apply for a cedula or a resident visa. I accidentally let my resident visa expire (by a few days) and they almost didn't let me leave the country. Afterwards I had a bunch of issues when applying for my cedula renewal and it pushed out the time I need to stay in the country to apply for citizenship. It was such a nightmare I ended up using a service called Gesticol told them my problem and they got all my paperwork sorted. They even gave me some tips to forgo wasting hours waiting in lines at migración. It's located next to the migración Colombia in Medellin. Whether it's gesticol or another legal service I'd highly recommend lawyering up because migración Colombia is no fun.


thank you. My time runs out soon and I dont have all my documents lined up.