I just joined Expat.com and looking for info, friends in Madagascar.

Hello people!!
I am Aubrey,  you can just call me Aubb.
I am Indian,  but living in Middle east since birth.
I like to visit Madagascar,  with the view of settling,  doing business and also to find a nice female partner to live with.
I have traveled many countries so far,  and also enjoy swimming,  beaches,  seafood,  nature,  history, farming,  tourism,  learning new things and so on.
I look forward to hear from the Expat.com community who can give me helpful information,  and ideas to make my visit successful, and also meet some of you in person too.
I hope I will be able to fly to the island,  once the current situation improves for the better.
Hope to hear from you guys,  especially you are a local Citizen.
Thanks and best wishes from Aubb.

Hello Aubb

This English forum is not very active, in fact Ithere are really only two active contributors to this forum, myself and Salsera.  I suggest you go to the French forum for more advice that you seek.

There are many groups on Face book that you could join that also would give you more information- look for Madagascar Expat lifestyle groups to participate in where there are thousands of contributors.

Afternoon Aubb,

Myself and my partner will be moving to Majunga this year, you can add me as a contact if you should want to, i may be able to help with information as my in laws are in Majunga

We will be taking over my partners families business; they have holiday bungalows in Majunga, she wants to return and teach. Im currently working on a website for the business.

Many thanks

I would like to be a friend. I got a Lady friend in Doany Avaratra. I intend to visit her before end of this month February. I need to know how accommodating those people are.



Malagasy people are very Friendly right from the start.

Haven found this lady and been chatting since June last year, my intention is to approach the family for her hand in marriage. what are the primary things I need to do when I first meet the family as you know. She said something like I have to declare my love to her. What exactly does that entails, anything symbolic like giving her a promise ring in front of the family or something other than that.
she said the family will welcome me with some drinks and food. What am I supposed to do during this interaction please.



There are official marriages in government and Malagasy style official marriages recognized in the community.   You would need to get the proper way to do something for her tribe since there are 18 different tribes and far more sub-tribes and each one requires a different set of protocols.  Many more marriages are Malagasy style, with no government procedure.  One Malagasy style marriage of one of my employees was that he gave the family a chicken and 6 bottles of beer.  Most Marriage ceremonies include the killing of a Zebu for the family and the community.  Her age also has something to do with the gift to the family, a very young girl may include some money to the parents , I have heard a three hundred dollars when a vazaha asked for the girl ( 18 years old )  of the family to stay with him but no actual marriage.  In Malagasy customs the man will give the family a few Zebus.  Zebu is the same as money in the bank, a sign of wealth.  Some tribes allow more than one wife so you will need to find out the custom of the tribe of the girl you are speaking with.  Remember that love is blind and marriage is the eye-opener, so tread lightly and marrying into a different culture takes time and do not rush into something that can be difficult to be undone and very costly under Malagasy law, in my opinion.  I will add that you should learn the custom of the tribe as some members in the tribe or one day your wife could have tromba- the ability to speak to the dead, ancestors or kings of the past ,  even if she was raised a catholic the family culture will take first place, there maybe certain foods certain tribes cannot eat , pork for example, or if someone has tromba then perhaps no chicken or eggs...etc.   They may also talk to the little people of the forest called dadabe.   Also, there is the belief in gris gris or Voodoo practices that have been taught to all Malagasy from the time of their birth.  You have plenty to deal with when you become involved in another culture and their customs.  Another one is the turning of the bones that they dig up every few years and dance with the bones and then rewrap them, are you ready to participate in that as well??

OK thank you very much. I am grateful for the insight.