Hosting an English-speaker at house

Hello everyone,

We are planning to host an English-speaker at our house in Tana for a few days ...

The goal for us is to practice and improve our English and at the same time to allow travelers to find accommodation during their first days in the country.

We have no experience on this and we would need advice (how to proceed ? to which site to register? What to pay attention to ? what to expect? ...)

We thank you in advance for your advice


Here is something I have known for a while------They may offer you contacts for what you are looking for
Welcome to the website of the Anglo-Malagasy Society, which was founded in 1961 to promote links between the United Kingdom and Madagascar.

I am putting together a multi level Malagasy Language book of the different dialects of Madagascar.   If you have any contacts or websites that show the different dialects of Madagascar, please send them my way.