Buying property in Madagascar


can a foreigner buy property in Madagascar?

If so, is it complicated? What is the process of purchasing a property in Madagascar?

Any tips for buying property, such as a check-list of items to verify ?

Thanks in advance for participating!


Hi Christine,
you can not easily have a property in Madagascar if you are a stranger. The best and easy way is to invest business here.
If you need to build a home just get in touch with me.


Thanks for your help ;)


Just loking for usfull information on emigrating to Madagascar.

Hi Christine can you give me any info about buying proprety in Madagasscar..
Michael Sicilia

Hi Christine,

don't know if your request is still on-going but there is a house for sale here: … -pool.html

Feel free to message me if you need more info!

The way I understand if you are a foreigner you are pay triple the price and your taxes too, so be aware of everything.

As a foreigner - if you don't invest quite a lot of money in a business - you cannot buy land. Land in Madagascar belongs to the ancestors: it is "Tanindrazana". You can conclude a "bail amphytheotique", which means renting and paying a house for a specific duration - don't know how much it is now, 99 years or less.


thought i would have a go at reigniting this thread..

where can you see realistic land for rent on nosi be? Is it not possible to purchase a plot? im currently in nosi be

thanks in advance



It is NOT difficult for a foreigner to purchase land in Madagascar.

You buy emphytéotique, 99 years renewable lease.

What I see someone mention, that it is difficult and you need to create a company is not correct. I believe they are confused with visa/residency. To get long term residence the easiest way is as an investor. Else it is a maximum of 3 month and minimum 1 month out before returning.

You have any further questions do not hesitate, i also have a new beach lodge coming up for sale.


Hello and welcome !

Thank you for the input on this topic.

Feel free to create an advert in the Housing in Madagascar section of the website if you wish to advertise the sale of your property.

All the best



thank you for replying, i appreciate the information.  What cost is the one you have coming for sale? i have a limited budget..looking at land and building small properties myself.



Hi Ricardo, we have land at the beach in Ambatomalama Mahambo, same place as described.


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Hi Bhavna

I already have listed on the page.



hi Mikkel

i was asking for properties or land on nosy be if you know of any available ?

is the process for property / land ownership the same here on nosy be?

Nosy be is same procedure as rest of Madagascar, but it's probably the most expensive place in Madagascar to settle together with center of Antanarivo.

Hey Christine,

If you are sure about process, and you choose to buy something, be sure you buy something with " Titré et Borné"

means to have a title, proofed by government, with landmarks.

The license to build a house is not much too, the major is doing ( in the south it's like that) just around 150 euros, depends the " volume" of the house ( I think it was a X b x c x 1000 ariary )

Good look.


thank you for your reply 👍

somebody say Nosey Be is old sugar cane plantation land and is more difficult to prove ownership of the land. where is a cool breeze spot best for a foriegnor to relocate to in your view?

thanks in advance

Hello Ricardo.

Madagascar have many beautiful places. It very much depends on your personality.

We are located on the east cost at Ambatomalama, bay Maxime, a little north of Foul Pointe, just before reaching Mahambo. What I love about this place is that it's calm and you have the breeze coming in from the Indian Ocean. It's never to hot or cold,  temperatures are inbetween 20 (night) and 30 degrees (day time). We have a micro clima which makes the area very green, most days are sunny and it rains  during the night. The beach (bay) is very inviting for swimming and have a unique surf spot.

Besides the clima is perfect there is an easy access to the city. Foul Pointe is a popular vacation spot for the Malagasy living in Antanarivo, so here are always people. Tamatave (2hours) and Antanarivo (8hours) by car. Relevant because air flights are rather expensive.

Regarding Nosy Be land restrictions, to prove ownership, i have heard stories too. I can't confirm, but I can tell that Nosy Be is expensive compared to other places.

You are planning to move to Madagascar, looking to purchase a land by the beach I can recommend bay Maxime. We are by now more than a handfull foreigners living here and even more in Mahambo. Life is quiet, easy going. If you want more personal information on land here please contact me in a private message. Land is still rather cheap and a good long term investment.

  • I would also like to buy property in Fort dolphin Madagascar. Can you give me information.



In which region are you looking forward to buying a property ?

Have you contacted a real estate agency ?



Looking to purchase land in the Fort Dauphin area of Madagascar. More or less in the bush type area, away from the general public.


It seems that you can not own land in Madagascar. You can only be granted a long term lease.

Try to contact real estate agencies and even a specialised lawyer or notary to gather information.




Hello Christopher,

Do you have any specific preference to Fort Dolphin?

If not I can propose 'bush land', very quiet close to or beach front to the Indian Ocean. The place is Ambatomala which is on the east cost, 75 km north of Toamasina and 5 km before Mahambo village.

Here is quiet and calm, yet not to fare away from shoping and other expats. As a forigner you can buy emphytéotique.

Good evening,

For French speakers Madagascar is not always easy to understand si for English speakers I won't tell you the hassle lol.

But if you wish, I will try to give you my opinion on certain subjects concerning Madagascar, preferably in English.

Looking forward to reading you.