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Hi recently I got job of translater in Port Dufin. My H.O. is in Antananarivo. first 15 days company will provide me hotel accomodation. Yet now I don't know where will be my job location.
Can you give me some idea about rents in Antananarivo and Port Dufin.
I am single and looking for small slelfcontain room.

Hi Sangita,
I guess you are from India (Pune?) , I think you mean Fort Dauphin, it's located in the south of madagascar, the big project there is QMM , will you be working for this project?
There is a daily flight from Tana to Fort Dauphin.
My parents have a guest house in Antananarivo (Tana) , they can help you if you need. But I personally do not know about accomodation in Fort Dauphin.

Hi, Funfun2012,
Thanks for information.