Looking for a house in Madagascar

I tend to buy a house in madagascar, not expensive. I've heard there's one company which sell very cheap and good quality house, they named the house ecoline. Price around 35 000 usd only.
If someone can give me informations? thanks

Sorry for the mistake the price for the ecoline house is 7 000 usd

Hello ELIASJP, I may invite you to post an advert in Madagascar classifieds > accommodation section.

Hope it helps,

Yes if you know about this company let me know im looking for a house too in the Ivato area.
Good luck.

Hi gmike --Does it have to be a house or can you buy an apartment?

what are the documents required to confirm ownership of the land in Madagascar ?

what is the best way to be sure that some one has rightful and clear ownership of land if you were to consider purchasing ?

what is the length of lease you can have on land in Madagascar