Cost of accomodation and education

Hello mates
I am Rati, planning to shift to Madagascar. Kindly suggest some of the schools for year 8 and year 3. What is the cost of living in Madagascar for family of four. House rent, utility, medical insuarance and other expences. What can be fee structure of schools and the begining of academic session.
Rati Pandya

Much of this has been covered before and can be found here.

Not much has changed in costs- perhaps 5 to 10% but with the change of money of the Euro or dollar which is to our advantage to slow down those rising costs, not so for the local worker that get paid in the local money---Ariary 

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Education can vary from $600 a month or less per student depending on your budget.

The government wants the person who plans to live here to have 550 Euros a month which is doable but that is a beginning figure. So from that starting point you can determine your budget and life style.