Malagasy girls and women

Ex pats who live in Madagascar are almost all single men.  So why do we like, love and marry Malagasy girls/women.    What is it that makes ex-pats prefer the Malagasy females over the females of their  own tribe.   
What have you learned from your relationships with Malagasy Women.

I have spent more than a third of my life out of my own country, by traveling around the world and living in Madagascar for the last 15 years.  In general I think men prefer ethnic women because there is clear difference between men and women. Rather than the blurring of the lines found in USA and other European developed countries, where women have come to take on the appearance and mindset as men and men have also become more like women, in another word a culture heading towards "unisex".  Ethnic women of another culture, be it South America, or China or African and in our ex pat story and case, Malagasy Women are more feminine and gentile and a challenge for men as well as more stimulating. 
What is even more rare is to see a Western Woman with an ethic man from another culture and custom, especially here in Madagascar.  I have seen a western white couple separate and divorce here in Madagascar and the Man will go with a Malagasy woman and the woman will go with another western man and then leave the country.

Marriage to a Malagasy Woman has certain rituals depending on their local tribe, which path did you take to marry here in Madagascar???