Live in Madagascar

I would like to know How is living in Madagascar relation to save,rent a flat,comunication,etc

I wonder if you already visited Madagascar to understand what it is like to live here, I can't imagine that you would come to live in Madagascar  without understanding the environment and laws - including laws about money restrictions, that you are required to have to settle in Madagascar.  So I ask you how did you find the prices when you were here when you were here on your tourist visa.

Is Madagascar a Retirement destination?
I am also interest to retire over there,  if I find the atmosphere suitable to do so.

Hope someone can provide tips?   Thanks.

Yes it is a retirement destination, you will find many foreigners , mostly French who are in the 50's 60's and 70's.   Pension money goes very far here as it is not expensive to live and I believe that the government requires you to show that you have  a minimum of 600 euros each month that comes into your bank account.

Thank you so much dear friend for the guidance.

Is it necessary the income should be in Euros only or equivalent currency as well?
Is it okay to provide proof of the income in my home country India?

Thank you.

Currency is not the factor, it has to add up to 600 euros and deposited in a bank here in Madagascar.  Yes you are o k to provide prof of income from India.  There is a very large Indian Community in Madagascar. They are mostly the business people with stores. When you come to Madagascar it would be a good idea to contact the Indian community , any organizations or societies here.  Perhaps you could contact the Embassy in India to find out what out reach programs exist for you to network with, or perhaps a chamber of commerce that deals with goods and services imported and exported between the two countries.

Thank you once again friend!!
Have a nice evening.