Making contact with NGO's in Madagascar

Good morning to you all,

How do I get a list of NGO's working in Madagascar? is there an NGO member forum?


Jane Mugenyi

I imagine somebody has compiled a personal list of related NGOs, (ONGs) in Madagascar. But it's not likely they're listed in an official way by anyone. Organizations become NGOs principally in another country, and then come to Madagascar to do work. Right? Mine is incorporated and registered in California. There are also an enormous variety of agendas and projects. I'm not even sure what they'd have in common.

You could make your request more interesting by explaining why you would like to have such a list. If it is to market printing services or something, well. Um 1f60b.svg. But, you might get interest if you want such a list for something else that benefits the rest of us too. A mutually supportive forum might be interesting.

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Hi there!

I don't have the list but I am interested in this as well. For me it is for work as I am a nonprofit communications professional. I have a preference for international NGOs 😊

Happy to be a part of said forum too!

A simple Google search found plenty of NGO's.

I just Googled 'NGO's in Madagascar'.

Thank you so much. The reason I was looking for a forum or a member body for NGO's was to avoid the process of having to deal with the plenty of them individually. so I was hoping there was an NGO membership association or NGO forum for Madagascar.

I initially googled and that's how I ended up here will all of you amazing people on this page.

@Jane Mugenyi

Hello, there are some NGO's registered in the Business Directory, maybe you could send them a message : Associations and NGO in Madagascar