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Salutations, I am Algerian citizen, This summer I will move to live in Jakarta, So I am looking for a job there as a lifeguard, Flight dispatcher, Arabic teacher, call center agent and any job, So how can I find a job before I came?

Lifeguard - Only if you want to be deported for working illegally.

Specialist jobs - If you're suitably qualified and Indonesians aren't available to fill the position.

Arabic teacher. Loads of religious schools here, but you should be a qualified teacher .... but rules are commonly broken.

What do you recommend as a job for me there? Knowing that I will get married there with an Indonesian

Haha....you should have mentioned the fact that you are soon marrying an Indonesian in your opening post, as it changes things. I assume that you cannot yet speak the local language here? Teaching Arabic as Fred says, might find you a job. Alternatively, many expats married to locals start a business which is in the wife's name. Also, once you have your KITAS then you could teach from home. I tihnk you need to move here first and then start looking for jobs or businesses to do etc.

Teaching from home could be an issue, but not a legal or immigration one.
Since the school hours were changed and students finish their day at 4pm, language course have taken a serious hit. A lot are closing or cutting back so finding customers could be a problem.
Local mosques may have useful leads for you.

Yea I can't speak Indonesian 😊, Thank you for information, So I will move to Indonesia and I start search for a job😅

It's really up to you. I am an expat but I don't work, so actually I have no experience in what you are trying to do. But I wish you lots of luck.


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