The importance of diplomatic representation when living in Syria

Is your home country represented in Syria? And if it is not, do you find this is a problem?

We have just posted online a piece about the importance of diplomatic representation in your host country while living abroad. Do let us know whether you think it is absolutely essential and share your experience about diplomacy in Syria.

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No it has not been an issue for me but I am in an exceptional situation as per my working arrangements.  I travel frequently to Lebanon and have noticed that periodically there are individuals traveling with a US passport so I can attest it is not impossible to facilitate access.

Your article was interesting as I was unaware of the "Interest section" and countries being partnered with others who have functional embassies.  There is a Syrian embassy in Beirut that can be approached for tourist VISA's.

Personally speaking I feel it is extremely important to have diplomatic representation within the country which will be visited.  Should anything negative occur it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to facilitate assistance.

Having traveled significantly I have found the Syrian people to be genuinely kind and very hospitable.  I have lived here for four years and plan on being here for many more.