Is IPTV legal in Belgium? How to know copyrighted-content?

I was wondering about using IPTV and I did many researches about this topic and found that the end user may get warning for downloading and/or streaming copyrighted-contents over IPTV connection, then may face service cutout and/or legal actions.

Of course, the "streaming" sometimes may not affect the end-user because he/she isn't downloading and streaming deffer than downloading and the law seems to judge only who downloads.

But what came up to my mind is that how would I know that the content is copyrighted? Let's say if you're streaming Netflix through 3rd party who has not a contract with Netflix, now you are streaming a copyrighted content, or if you're streaming a movie or song for example without copyrights so it's the same!

Now, if you're streaming some air channels? so after some researches I found that it's legal because they are always free to watch, the thing is that you can't receive them in your region because of not receiving the signals due to the distance or the satellite coverage footprint.

But the real question is, what if you're streaming a paid TV service? How would I know if the IPTV provider has a contract with this network?
Also, I'm still not 100% sure if the streaming not guilt as much as downloading.

So, anyone has any idea about this?

One more question, if the paid TV services is located outside Europe, are they entitled to copyright laws in Europe? Or it depends on the copyright itself?


Keep in mind that if you don't pay to watch a "paid/copyright" content, then it's illegal.
That's the generic rule...

In Belgium, you might pay (IP)TV content through proximus, telenet, voo, ... and you've access to the Belgian legal "limited" IPTV content through your subscription.

As long as you pay for the content, you're "OK", even with VPN or else, unless you do not respect the conditions & terms of your subscription. And that's the shitty part... :sosad:

Example: you're living in Belgium, got netflix/amazon prime whatever and use a proxy/vpn to get access to russian, brasil or whatever country's content: officially illegal because of the conditions & terms.

If you put a small computer in your country (parents home? dedicated server?) + install vpn on that small server and manage it from here in Belgium, and you pay the fee in your country to have access to that content, then """"""""you're fine"""""""""""", because you pay for what you've access to and no one will ever care about you.
Strictly legally speaking, it might be illegal depending on your country, because you're not a resident anymore who's eligible to subscribe the contract............ But again, as long as you pay... """""no one will really care...""""", BUT at your own risk!

So, officially speaking it's purely wrong and illegal, but reality... (thinking about my Vietnamese girlfriend that just arrived in Belgium... :whistle: )
As long as the majors get their money, I highly doubt that they'll care about you as long as you pay for what you watch... but again, at your own risk!
They've millions of illegal streaming website to close before taking care of you, who's going to pay to see that content from abroad...

So yeah, these laws are freaking absurds and stupids if you want to do it properly and legally speaking... which I would, of course, advise for you to respect ;)

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