I need yet an apartment but

spains dont respond about emails and i dont speak spanish. I speak italian, german and english, yes.
I'm looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Villajoyosa or Benidorm. That means total 2 rooms and kitchen, toilet/shower in total. Garage or private parking. Furnished as usual in Spain.
For me its a trap as Spain in total has a vacancy rate of 1.6 million objects and the prices can be seen.
But i cant speak the language. I'm looking for long-term rentals !includos gastos to 350-400€ with elevator and balcony. With nice view preferred. I'm born euro citizen. Stable income guaranteed.
Okay, and now let's finish this business.

Hello Harry Crumble,

You can try your luck by posting a free advert for your search in the Housing in Alicante  section.

Hoping that you will receive some offers on the part of English-speaking realtors/individuals.

Good luck,

Team Expat.com


I have unsubscribed to all Spain-related forums but I still get announcements. Please assist and advise.

[at]DrDuane : I will get in touch with you in private as we are off topic here. :)


Expat.com team

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