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Hi, retired to Spain 18 months having lived near Granada and currently Motril. I can't quite decide where to live in Spain and am thinking about Alicante. I don't drive and so need to be near transport links and reasonably near the sea. My question is, whether anyone who knows the Alicante area could recommend either a suburb of Alicante itself, or somewhere not too far away. Aside from transport links, I'm looking for somewhere reasonably priced, salubrious and quietish, which in Spanish terms means well away from areas that are likely to host ferias (I absolutely hate those ridiculously loud rockets or maybe that's just an Andalusian thing), or that are plagued by white vans with loudspeaers - ditto late night discotheques. I'd be grateful for suggestions. John.

We are going through the same though processes.  Of the places we have looked at so far we liked Mutxamel.  Wide open spaces, tree lined avenues, quality properties at least in the area we drove around.  Well away from the noisy centre. Don't know about transport though.

Hi John, last year I stayed in  the San Juan beach area outside of Alicante. The public transport was good, the tram goes all along the coast, and there are good buses.
However, I wasn't very impressed with the Alicante area in general, and have now settled in Costa del Sol. Which has good bus routes to the East and train to the West.

Hi Jack

Three suggestions in Alicante city:

1. Benelua, a suburb just to the west of Alicante city centre, might tick some of your boxes.

It isn't very expensive and it is a good base for travelling around if you don't have a car. The train station is 5 - 10 minutes walk away (depending where you are in Benelua) and has trains to places like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia and Elche. The bus to the airport stops outside the station (20 minutes there, 40 minutes back, on a circular route). Another 5 minutes from the station there's the start of the electric  tram line, which runs along the coast all the way up the Costa Blanca. There are plenty of local buses and the main bus station is 10 - 15 minutes walk from Benelua (e.g. for the bus to Gran Alacant and Santa Pola).

It is reasonably quiet apart from fiesta time (where everywhere in Alicante seems to have noisy  celebrations) and seems pretty safe. There aren't any great views. It is just an ordinary Spanish suburb but that does mean the shops and restaurants and bars are open all year, not just in the tourist season. In fact it probably has more shops than just about any other area in Alicante, so living day to day is very easy. Nearly everyone there is Spanish and, like a lot of people in Alicante, most don't speak much English, so it would help if you speak at least a bit of Spanish. Having said this people seem very friendly and helpful, and sometimes, if they can't speak English they'll find a colleague or relative who can translate - or there's always sign language, Spanish classes or Google Translate.

It is about 20 minutes walk to the start of the marina and about 30 minutes walk to the beach - or you can catch a bus.

2. If you want to be nearer the sea, without having to pay a lot of money for a central location, you could try the area just to the east of the Santa Barbara castle, like Calle Virgen del Socorro, which is nearer to the beach and the marina and the old town than Benelua while also,  (in the other direction) in walking distance of an electric tram station and the big Plaza Mar shopping centre.

3. One time we rented an apartment in Calle Portugal. I'm not sure what the area is called but it is half way between Benelua and the city centre, so medium price and quite a convenient location wherever you want to go, in the city or further afield.

Good luck with your search. Other people may be able to suggest different areas in the city.


Mike, firstly thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to post such an informative reply - I think you have given me all the information I need and I will go and look at the places you recommend especially the spanish suburb which sounds really nice. Thank you so much. John

Thank you Marlene - I am actually going to Alicante to get away from Cosa del Sol - guess I'll see when I get there :-)

Looking for a small rental on Montanosa urb. In Hondon Valley near Hondon de las Nieves, alicante. Hoping to buy in the area next year.

looking fir a place to long term let in alicante but the big question is where to rent that will take three dogs three very well behaved dogs may i add ,,any recommendations would be greatfull thanks :)

There are different possibilities to find a place to live in Alicante with 3 dogs. This is my daily task, to find solutions for people... feel free to contact me if you need my help.


El Campello is a nice sea side town about 20 mins on tram from Alicante and there are lots of retired expats and bus services

is this a good spot for the dogs and to live with a commute to school plz?

Hi Marlene,
I wanted to follow up with you regarding your post as we are trying to decide in between a move to Malaga and Alicante. Do you mind sharing why you weren’t impressed with Alicante and why you prefer Costa Del Sol? Are you still enjoying Costa Del Sol?

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