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Hi I have an apartment in North Alicante and it's noisy at night because locals congregate in the square. Does anybody know if getting double glazing fitted would help ?

It probably would. I have even heard of triple glazing on ''Houses Under the Hammer TV show''. Ear plugs might be cheaper.

Noise in Spain can be an issue, Spanish don't talk, only shout.

We have double glazing.  Fitted from new, proper factory made panels. 

With the windows open or closed there is not much difference in the noise level.   

There is a lot of info on the internet which in effects supports my experience.  Really effective soundproofing is a very expensive exercise

Take a look here if you want more scientific information

So good luck HMS.

All double glazing companies will claim installing double or triple glazing will decrease noise levels and improve sound proofing to a significant degree. If they are telling a pack of lies no consumer protection authority I know of has ever prosecuted them for doing so. Of course someone might be conned and buy cheap glazing from a cowboy thinking it is genuine factory EU standard.

I can tell you from experience that double-glazing doesn't really work, we already had it in our house... (and we live in a a quiet place outside of Paris),... we were (wisely) recommended to add an additional window inside the house... in effect 2 windows but it does minimise the external noise... whether that would work in Spain I don't know....but if it's just the bedrooms it may be worth checking it out... I travel with white noise machines as I'm a light sleeper...  but must admit that doesn't help much with dogs!  In summer I think some noisy airco machines may help but in winter that could become costly!!  Good luck


Maybe we were just a ’tadd’  unlucky that it did not work for us, or maybe the claims made by double glazing sakesmen, rather like timeshare ones, might not be exactly true !

I don't know - I am a very light sleeper so I don't think that helps!  But it was a double-glazing company who told us not to put in triple glazing... I think there's some type of gas that's meant to help with noise...and they told me that it disappears after 6 months...and that the best option is another set of windows.  I think I read something years ago by a journalist called John in an English newspaper who confirmed that the really only solution is a second window... not always very aesthetic... especially if rooms are small... Thankfully I haven't had to deal with timeshare deals... but we are realising that our holiday home in Spain has a lot of local dogs..... which bark a lot...which we NEVER heard on any of our numerous visits to the place!!  Think Spanish dogs must have a siesta from 12-18!

In 1967 I installed secondary windows thus leaving an 8 inch gap between the existing windows and the new ones.    Whilst that did help to save energy loss and reduce noise we discarded the new windows after about a year.  Having two windows meant of course four sides of glass to clean and unless all windows were closed at all times then of course there was no effect.    It also created ventilation problems

With that experience I would not recommend double windows either, albeit they were to some extent effective.

We don't have that much of a gap... and the guys who installed them told us to open up the windows every day which we do.. Apart from opening up the windows in the mornings, all windows are closed for us, so that helps.... how clean the windows are is another story!!

Spanish dogs can be a tad noisy.

Yes especially when there seems to be about 10 of them around, one starts and then all start... makes me wonder if there isn't a business in dog walking them all to tire them out!!  Who needs house alarms when you have dogs!!

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