Moving to Novelda

Hi everyone.
Myself and my partner are moving to the region as I have got a job in Villena. We are currently looking to rent in Novelda/Elda area as we think the work options for my partner are likely to be better in Alicante so he will need to be able to commute. Neither of us speak Spanish. I need to start work within the next month so we don't have much time! If anyone has any recommendations or advice any and all will be appreciated!

There are lots of towns and villages up and down the motorway some of which have many more Britons than others. Villena is a much nicer looking town, in my opinion than Novelda - we were in Novelda on Wednesday and we commented how it always looked a bit scruffy. But scruffy isn't what makes a town nice or not nice to live in.

Elda/Petrer are bigger of course so they have more services and more of the sort of offices you will need to go to to sort documentation. Both have a similar character. Petrer is more Valenciano speaking and Elda Castellano (standard Spanish) I prefer Petrer to Elda - it's the half of the town nearer to the motorway.

If you want to be among more Britons then Sax or Pinoso ( I only mention Pinoso because my partner would be happy to sell you a house)

If you want to be a bit more specific then maybe I can add more. You could have a look at my blog too which is on this site, Life in Culebrón listed under Alicante.

Hi Good luck with the move , we live in Agost quite close to Novelder

My son has a Bar in Agost every tuesday night we have a Spanish / English conversation night , ideal for learning some basic Spanish



I am also looking to rent a flat for 2-4 months to be there in place and to find a job.
Just by curiosity, how did you find the job there ?
Any recommendation ?


Are there many bars?? Also any schools close by??

Alisha.   If you have google earth you can ‘walk around’ almost any area to get the a for it,  see the bars, shops,  etc

Thanks John I think me and my mum have decided on (Torreveija, punta prima, Cabo Roig, la Zenia area) lol better than I was I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m 28, mum is 65, my niece is 17 and my girl is 5, I’m a karaoke dj so it looks like I could possibly fit, I did live in scarborough (seaside town) so I’m used to abit of that haha did you visit any of these areas?? 🙂

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