Pregnant and new to KSA

Hello, I am currently in my 4th month of pregnancy and moving to Khobar in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a private clinic/hospital with western standards of prenatal care and delivery.
At this point I am particularly interested in the prenatal screening of 2nd trimester, the extended sonogram that needs to be performed between 18-22 weeks of pregnancy, whether or not it is performed as standard in KSA, and if not, if you know any OBGYN that is qualified to perform it.
I would really appreciate any help! It's my first pregnancy and having to go through that journey in a foreign country that I know nothing about is somewhat scary...

I am based in Jeddah and know less about hospitals in Khobar, i am father of 5 years old now. Hospital my wife gave birth was really good and caring, i am not sure about Europe experience but you don't have much to worry about. One of the thing we did was following up with the same doctor from early pregnancy until delivery. Perhaps some member here can give more information.


I can recommend three private hospitals here in Alkhobar,

First one Is Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare which is located in Dhahran 8 miles from Khobar approx.

second one is Almana  hospital which also Provides medical care for employees of Saudi ARMCO.

Third is ProCare hospital.

Everything will be fine, things are not the way you might imagined them :) you will be taken care of here.

Thank you for you replies!

Hello, we had a great experience with Dr. Bushra at Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic. It's a smaller facility, so the services felt more personal, and I don't have enough good things to say about Dr. Bushra.

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