Anti depressants and anti-anxiety medication in Alkhobar

Hello Everyone
I am Nani. I am planning to move to Alkhobar. I have one doubt. Currently i am on anti-depressants and axiolytic medication. Can I get these medicines in Alkhobar? I know that these medicines will not be allowed in to Saudi. Kindly clarify my doubt. I appreciate your timely response.


Depending on the medicine, you can get a prescription and medical report and carry it in for your personal use in limited quantities e.g. a month's supply.  Then, you can consult with a doctor here and he will prescribe for you.  Besides, most medicines here are easily bought over the counter even without a prescription.

Although, medicines like Xanax are difficult to find in Saudi - at least in the recent past.  But even if a particular medicine is not available in Saudi, you can purchase it in Bahrain with your Saudi prescription (or show a doctor in Bahrain and get a prescription).  It is just an hour's drive for you from Khobar.

XTang, Thank you very much for your response.
Will it be possible to visit a doctor in Saudi on the first day of arrival (I mean to say without residence card etc.)?
By the way if know anything about a psychiatrist in Alkhobar kindly let me know. I have one more question, separate visa is required to visit Bahrain?

If you have Saudi Iqama, you won't need a separate visa for Bahrain.

You can visit the doctor but will have to pay cash.

XTang, usually how much time it takes to get Iqama after reaching Saudi? Can we bring medicine like Xanax from Bahrain to Saudi?

Depends on your company and its PRO.  I got mine done in a week.  Others take months.   

You can bring it over with a prescription and medical report.  Same as by air.   Just don't carry too much as it will attract unnecessary attention at customs.

Thanks a lot for your response

You can find a number of good psychiatrics in Khobar and Dammam ( 15 mints drive). There is one in Almane Hospital in Dammam called Dr. Mohammed Ghazi phone number 920033440.
There are others in private hospitals like Almoasat hospital and Fakhri hospital in Khobar. Most antidepressants are available so you do need to worry  I would suggest.

Thank you very much Mohsmia0a for the information. It really does matter to me.
Also kindly let me know whether we can visit hospital with passport before getting Iqama.
Do you have any idea whether anti-anxiety meds like (Rivotril) are available with prescription in Alkhobar.

You are welcome.
Yes you can visit hospitals with passport before getting your iqama. Regarding Rivotril, I know it is available in Aramco hospital but it is only for Aramcons. Other hospitals may have it but I am not sure which ones.

Thanks a lot again for your response.

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