Expat blog gathering in Duisburg ( or Ruhr area in general )

Hi, does anyone of you live in Duisburg, maybe even in the district Neudorf, or nearby ( Essen, Mülheim, Oberhausen...? ) Why not organize an expat blog get-together?
A short introduction of myself: I live in Duisburg-Neudorf with my partner and our 2 cats and work in an office. I like to go for a walk, sometimes with a dog, canoeing, swimming ( I am a member of a swimming club where I spend most of my free time in summer ) and am looking forward to join an outdoor aquajogging class in summer.
I also do a bit of volunteer work; I join a group that takes children of poor families out to the theater etc., and am assistant of a swimming teacher.

Hello Astrid,

Thank you for your initiative, that's a great idea :)
I am the event manager for Expat.com, helping our members organizing gatherings in their cities (sending notifications to everyone etc...).
We could help you organize a get together in the area of Neudorf if you wish.

Let me know  :)

Thanks, Helene, that is very kind of you.
I want to make it as simple as possible: First I'd like to wait until I get a couple of positive replies, and then find a place where we can meet and fix a date and time and post it as an event. If we do it in spring, we can maybe already sit outside where there is usually more space and does not really matter if we are 10 or 15 people. But it's better to announce it soon enough.
What do you think? How could you help me?

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