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Hi all,
I am currently doing an internship in Germany and I was just told by my employer that I am intitled to no holiday days. I am very confused as I read on that everyone is intitled to a minimum of 20 days per year?? Does anyone know if there is a special reason why interns dont get holidays? Or if there is a way for me to get holiday days? any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

How long is your internship? While I am not sure what the specifics are I know that interns are only employees to a certain extent. I have had both internships with and without holiday days, both about the same length as each other.

Hey Chris the internship is for 6 months, what was the difference between the internship you received holiday days for and the one you did not?

I did some quick googling and here is what I found: It seems to depend on whether or not this is a mandatory Praktikum (if you meant something else by internship this will probably not concern you then) you would need for educational purposes.

If it is a mandatory internship as stated in your schools or universities guidelines, then you have no claim to any holiday days by German law, as it is seen as education rather than work.

If, however, this is a internship done voluntarily by you and it wouldn't count towards any school or university curriculum or similar, then with a six-month internship you can claim either 20 or 24 days per year, depending whether or not you have a full five-day-week or a full six-day-week.

This only counts if you're of age. Should you be under 18 then as per the Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz you are entitled to one fully paid relaxation day off per year.

While I cannot see a reason why this shouldn't apply to non-German citizens as well I cannot guarantee it, the website I took the information from didn't specify as to that regard.

As for my internships, while one was only one month longer than the other the internship where I wasn't granted holiday days was a mandatory one (I couldn't have done it otherwise sadly, they could only accept mandatory interns) whereas the other one I did voluntarily and thus was entitled to 2 days off a month (as it was less than six months in duration). I never knew that was the reason, I just assumed the second place was more stingy with holiday days ^^

Source (in German): … -praktikum

I hope this helps :)

Thanks Chris, thats really helpful! I am doing a mandatory praktikum that must be why :(

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