I have been Tanzania last year and one of my Family with his wife live in Tanzania since 10 years in Dar es salaam.
He knows traditions and culture of Tanzania,
We want Honest, Trustworthy and Kind person as a  Investment in Tanzania,
we have some Good brand of Jam, Syrups and Juices, form Iran
We would like to start business in Tanzania,
Who can support in Tanzania for importing these nice industrial Foods (Jams, Syrups and Juices)
Do you have any idea?


We registered some of Good Iranian Brands in Tanzania (TFDA, TBS Offices ) for Importing these Goods,
Are you ready for Starting as a Investor?
Hope to cooperate with Good Person,

Hi ali from what i know now it will be a bit difficult to import things that can be made here because of government industrial agenda it better to have a small industry here than importing because they will tax you more for import

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