Overstayed and Work Permit Visa

Hi everyone,

I am working on a Company as an Architect. Now I am in znz. I' ve entered the Dar with 3 months Business visa. After one and half month my employee and me had an agreement on continuing to work in Tanzania. So They have applied for Work Permit..But Work Permit is not approved yet.. They're saying that I will get  permit this week.  . So my visa has been expired around 15 days.

I was wondering if anything happens at my Home in Turkey, Can i go without any problems..? or will a pay a penalty for it at airport? And when i get the Permit can i go easily to Turkey.. Because they have said that there is 2 kind of Permit. 1st you apply one then the second one..


Didn't understand you so well but if you are asking if it is easy for you to go back to Turkey? First if I understood you well , you said your home is Turkey so if you are Turkish citizen and have all the required documents to prove that you are Turkish , I personally don't think there will be a problem for you to go back to your country. Actually the fact that your visa has already expired in Tanzania ,I don't think it has anything to do with you about going back to your country but correct me if I didn't understand you

Yeah. Sorry for it. I am an Turkish Citizen, and my hometown is in Turkey.  For work permits our another employee(tanzanian) is dealing with it for me in Dar Es Salaam. But he is in leave now and his hometown where the network is in coverage...

In Summary,
My visa has expired 15 days. I am waiting for permit but its not given yet.. If something happens in my hometown (wife is pregnant), can i go to Turkey easily without getting penalty or problem with the officers at airport?

If you overstay, they will charge you $600 as a special pass which is also a penalty and it expires the day of departure , also when  you come back here you will have to pay $50 as re entry visa at the airport

Thanks for reply. For regulations of Tanzania first you'll get work permit. I hope monday i'll get it. After i get the work permit they will apply for Residence Permit. One question more;

With this work permit how long can i stay in Tanzania (still visa expired) and can i leave the country without paying this 600$ penalty? Or until getting this residence visa, still will i be fugitive ?

There is no way  that you can escape that $600 penalty  unless you don't pass thru the airport or border , that $600 is the penalty for expired visa, it has nothing to do with work permit or residence permit

I think your work permit has all the details including the time that you are supposed to stay in the country

Hi again. Today i got the work permit, but its unuseful for travelling even from znz to dar.. So i called the immigration office and they told me thay i can pay this 600$ and extend a my visa but extension time will be determined bu commission officers and depends on why i want to extend... Now i am very stressfull cause of issues.

I think what you have to do is pay $600 as their penalty and go to Turkey , see your wife when you come back pay that $50 as re entry visa , so Visa problem will be solved  and what kind of visa you have been using to live in Tanzania? and don't be so stressful cuz it won't help anything , you have to find a way fix this problem , come on man you can do it

Thanks for your support. what happens if i have'nt got any money and refuse to pay 600$.. will they deport me? and i can not enter to Tanzania again or a limited time?..

Can't say for sure but what I know is you will face trouble with the government as a matter of fact that the government is currently having a special operation of searching all foreigners who live in the country without permit or with expired visa , they will put you in police station and report you , I saw what happened to my German friend who has been living in Tanzania for a longtime with an expired visa.

Work and resident permit are valid for 2 years and its unlimited entry in the country.

I do not understand why your employer does not manage the extension of your business visa, he is responsible and . You should have woke up earlier.

Nowadays Tz authorities will be very happy to fine or arrest you.
Best things is to be legal, hurry up !!

Sorry to jump the conversation but I have a similar issue.  My daughter who is british but also half tanzanian is planning to come home to UK but she has overstayed her visa for 10 years I heard about the $600 fine is there a way I can sort that out from here UK or what is the best way to sort it out? Any advice will help thank you.

Sorry I forgot to mention she is 15

Hi Sarah! if it was about Tanzania, would help you but in case of UK may be you should post in UK forum and I'm sure you will get help. Thanks

Awww got you now Sarah! but I have a question , she overstayed her work permit visa? she wasnt born in Tz?

Hi, no not a work visa, she came with me wen she was 4years on a basic 3 month visa but hasn't been renewed since all this without my knowledge bit she wants to fly home so just need to find out about this fine.

She will have to pay $600 as special pass and penalty as well and if she comes back again in Tz , she will have to pay $50 as re entry visa.

They cannot stop you from Leaving but they will penalize you. Unfortunately business VISA cannot be renewed when still in the Country you must first leave

Hi everyone
I have applied for my class A permit. My work permit has not even come through and looks like i have over stayed by a month. I need to travel now and i am concerned that i will have to pay for the special pass for nothing. Its not my fault its taking so long. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hi ,me too i overstaied my turístic visa.so What happen when Will be to airport?

you gonna pay a fine....

Hi bro
I saw your comment in other post.. Please explain for me what should I do in the following case.. My name is yisak am Ethiopian leaving here in tz.. My dad came here in Tanzania 2 years before in a 3 month visit visa in 2016 September to December 2016.. For different reasons he didnt go back home and right now he wants to return home... What is the best thing to do to deport him back home  with out serving time?

Hello Yisak,

Am not working at Tanzanian Immigration office....
But no way to avoid a fine !!
Woah, 2 years late , he is lucky to not have been caught and ejected.
Good luck

Hi Bro,i dont know What IS the BEST step cause i am not still in tanzania. But i can suggest you to ask at the inmigración.
Than ley me know What the BEST way

@Dar es salaam city guide hello. I got a similar problem. Am Kenyan and on my children's passports they were given only 14 days. Now I have applied for student pass. If granted will they still pay the fine?

Hello Florence,

Welcome !

Please open a new thread on the Tanzania forum to enquire. That member has not been on the website for as long as 5 years now and this is an obsolete thread.

Thank you in advance


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