Weekend favor Heliopolis

Help please, finally caving in after weeks of no solution to ask community here if anyone has a car and willing to help me move my bags from Heliopolis, Saturday or Sunday ONLY.

Can discuss negotiations and brief info via msg.

*update; I'm safe and relocated to new area however it's ridiculous how some of the simple things can be so darn difficult. What are friends for again?  If I could, this would've been sorted out a while ago.  Many thanks again in advance! :-)

did you move or get this sorted out


No its not sorted yet, they're in a workshop of my former employe,
as storage. Moved to maadi month ago, need my things.
The workshop just need to be unlocked. And matter of timing

Okay update, my ride for this weekend got canceled so anyone with a car and can help to move the bags.

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