Inquiry about accommodation in the UAE ??!

Hello everyone,

I would love to know what are the best places where I can find affordable accommodation with females in Sharjah or in Dubai next to the metro. I also would appreciate it, if you guys give me any additional advice regarding everything about the life in UAE, like do's and dont's

Thank you

UAE is a very nice place and the best place for you concerning the apartment is Al Nahda in Sharjah boundary between Dubai and Sharjah at a cheap rate.

Yeah I heard lot of people considering Al nahda the most relevant place to stay in Sharjah
I'll keep that in mind thank you :)

Hi Kholita! Personally, I really like Dubai, so I can recommend it. There are many beautiful areas for every taste. If you are considering buying a new apartment, you can take a look here There you will find many options with different locations and prices.

Thanks for the recommendation,  I ended up staying in Dubai, find it better than Sharjah. I was blessed with a comfortable accommodation 👌

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