Looking to move to Leibzig in september 2020. Looking for a flat who will allow my 7 yr old yellow lab.
Kinda overwhelmed with the process--I guess getting a flat and car insurance and health inusrance and the biggest obstacles I guess everyone faces.

Hello Wayneg,

I would suggest that you read the article, The German healthcare system to gather some basic information about getting health insurance in Germany.

Do you have any specific questions pertaining to the above? Feel free to tell us more.

Our members will gladly help you :)

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This forum has lots of good information for all of the topics you mention, so you may want to read those first. To avoid repetition, please then post any detailed additional questions that you may have and which were not discussed before.
Regarding car insurance: As all German cities are VERY manoeverable (at reasonable cost) by public transport, I recommend focussing on the other aspects of your move first and getting a car after those are settled - if you still feel you need onw (many people here don't!). You may then also look ionto car sharing schemes, which are easier and cheaper for occasional users.

I have asthma and I need A/C--is that going to be a issue?

If by A/C you mean airconditioning: That isn’t very common in (temperate climate) Germany - except in big, modern office building (where it might run during the hottest few weeks in summer).
Airconditioned residential buildings are nearly non-existent.

Since your profile indicates that you are above 55 years old, a word of caution:
Joining the public health insurance scheme is near impossible at that age, so you must go for the private scheme, which will NOT be cheap, especially with a pre-existing condition (asthma).
Read existing threads about it and get independent advice once you arrive in Germany!

Apartments with built-in AC are virtually unheard of. For people who want this they usually need to buy their own. But if you have asthma (like I do), I would think an air-filter rather than necessarily an air conditioner would be in order. It’s usually not so hot that one needs AC in Germany.

As far as the dog is concerned, it is German law that one is allowed to have normal house pets like dogs and cats. I've written on this subject on this site before. One would have to bring a special lawsuit to get a dog banned and prove it was vicious or some other extraordinary reason. A landlord cannot simply say no dogs; such a thing in a rental agreement is invalid. On the other hand, it’s hard to get a place to rent to begin with and if a landlord hates dogs, and knows you have one, then they might simply not take you as a renter and not give a reason.

And as Beppi suggested; look into if you REALLY need a car. Public transportation is often more effective and cheaper for people living in a city. But if you do buy one, there are a number of websites that effectively compare prices for such things - and they advertise on TV all of the time.

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