Taxation for foreigners

How do we maintain our personal taxation, simple language what is the % or until how much we earn or spend are we excempted.

I am paying taxes back in my country both personal and business, i have been living here almost a year, i dont have an income out here so far living with my income and savings from back home.
(planning to visit the accountant to figure out but need some basic information)

Share your experiences pls for Personal and Business taxes

Do an internet search for
india brazil tax treaty
...and read this link, among others: … +And+India

From the above:
"Decree 510, published on April 28, 1992, contains the text of the Bilateral Income Tax Treaty signed by Brazil and India ("Treaty"). This Treaty is aimed at preventing double imposition and double non-imposition of income taxes ..."

Realize that everyone's situation can be different and mostly is.  You will have to do your own research based on your particular circumstances.  Then you will have to find a tax accountant who you are convinced knows more than you do...many will not especially with reference to two countries being involved.

You have not stated your legal status in this country. Are you a tourist or with CRNM?

It does make a difference as to immigration status in Brazil. Good question by Robal.
US tax treaty  allow taxes in US be taxed in US, BR income will be taxed in BR. Without permeant residency can not work or bank account in BR, so should not have BR income.

well not much of a diffrence maybe would need a professonal guy and thanks will keep the treaty and would ask them about it , if Works out better

well if i am a tourist i dont have to worry for taxation |Lucky me i am a resident my wife is brazilian we just moved here from asia.

A Qestion for you, so the income you make in Brazil you pay taxes here makes sense , you dont have to declare your income back in Usa and pay taxes on this income or you declare and get tax refund ?

Even tourist need to be aware of taxation. It is called Recita Federal. Only allowed certain amount in purchases and taxes on electronics are "healthy"!

No. Your income made in US is taxed in US. Brazil income is taxed in Brazil.
Not sure as to your country, but US citizens need to report any foreign bank account you have which exceed the limitations. Additionally there are very few "deductions or refunds" for a foreign investment.
The tax treaty's have language as to either or Both counties can check for account registered under your name.
This year (2019) is the first year may BR bank has not asked for a copy of my US tax return.

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