Trapped Inside the Matrix

I am beyond frustrated. I have everything I need expect for the FBI Background check. When I was younger, I got into trouble one time, misdemeanor the charges were dropped however when I pulled an FBI Identity summary it showed I had an arrest but did not list what the charges were for or that they were dropped it literally just said that there was arrest data on this individual. I called the FBI and asked if they would please send me more information showing what the charges were for as well as there disposition( charges dropped) They told me to contact FDLE so I did they told me they could not provide more data to the FBI but I could request it from them and then provide that to the FBI. I told the FBI that and they stated that would not work of course because everything had to come from FDLE. I've been going back and forth between the two agencies for weeks and feeling very frustrated. I can't take everything and get it translated and apostilled with this last piece of data and I'm afraid once I take it to the Consulate they will reject it because all it says is there is a arrest data on me and literally nothing else. Neither agency has been helpful and I feel worried that I will not be granted my visa to DR based on the FBI not showing all my data. Help I'm trapped in the MATRIX. Got to get out of here.

Depending on where you are located you can have your record expunged.

An Expunge takes about 9 months from start to finish would that be necessary since the charges were already dropped?

Still shows on your record so you have to decide. I am not sure what they look at in regards to criminal records.

I am pretty sure an arrest with no conviction on your record would not disqualify you. I will ask my lawyer!

I spoke with the lawyer I use,  Lishali,  she says now is not the time to try to get this through as it will simply be stalled. We are in an election year and things will just be held up!

If you can get this cleared off you will be fine.

Thanks for your response. I will have to look into time line I really didn't want to wait 9 months to move over there and if I understand things correctly when I apply for the consulate I have to submit my passport with all of my paperwork so that would stink to have my passport tied up and they stall on top of that keeping me trapped in USA when I just want to be in DR.  Expungements take a while so I will have to think this through carefully.

They cannot hold onto your passport for any length of time, so that is not a worry.  Once here you deposit your paperwork which includes copies of your passport, but not your actual passport. So, you can go ahead and do this, go ahead and try. Just dont be surprised if it is delayed.

Ok I think you're right. It's worth a shot. I just wish my background check would have stated the charges on the paperwork but it literally just says we have arrest data on this individual so that could be for anything and I won't be surprised if they don't ask me to have it fixed before they issue me 60day visa before I go over there and apply for temporary visa. Thanks again for your response.

You are very welcome. Please keep us posted!

Why do you care how long it takes to expunge it doesn’t matter people stay years in DR with no visa

I care because there are people on this site saying others have been banned from entering because they have overstayed their visa. Not sure if that is just rumors but I do not want to risk it.

I have been overstaying since arriving to marry in Feg 2017. Even though I fly back to Canada within every six months -or try to - I have not had any issues but have jsut paid the fee at the airport. However, last time re-entering, they wrote 30 days for the very first time. As must return to Canada in Feb, I am now having my lawyer (Lily) apply for a Re-entry permit that is good for 90 days. This will allow me to come and go with no fines (as I have paid the overstay fees already with the permit). My Residency and Cedula appointment was in early Dec and receiving them is not expected until March or Apr - again due entirely to the pending elections. The Re-Entry permit is another option that may be viable.....cheers

I saw the same thing and I was afraid too and would fly back to USA before 30 days because of it.  What a big mistake.  Now after two years and doing research I have learned there is nothing to worry about.  Expunge the record and then apply for the visa.  Do not listed to people fear mongering.  I just spoke to my neighbor who was here for 8 years and left to USA and just came back no problem.  I have spoke to supervisors at airports and other people you really don't have anything to worry about.  Your fine.  Do not stress over this like I did.  I have left and reentered 50 times and 7 times since they started writing 30 days in pen.  No problems, ever.  I have spoke to supervisors at the airports and they have no idea what I am talking about.  The people you are hearing about getting denied probably are entering on a visa and there is some sort of other issue.  Just being a regular american tourist with no issues you will not have a problem.  Especially in the 8 or 9 months it takes to get your record expunged.  Relax, your good!

I am married to my wife who is dominican and have a daughter who is dominican also and was born here but she is also american.  If I apply for a visa can they deny me even though my daughter was born here and my wife is from here if I have a lot of charges on criminal background?  It all looks bad on paper but I never went to prison but I am a convicted felon on paper and the charges were bad like kidnapping, armed burglary, aggravated assault with deadly weapon, witness tampering, creating fake ID, ect........but they were all overcharges and I was let go with little or no bond....

I would consult a lawyer with that not sure. But I hear Lily is a good lawyer everyone uses on here. Reach out to Planner for her number. I plan on applying as is - I don’t want to do the expungement process it has never stopped me from getting very good jobs and it’s so petty that it seems like a waste of time to have it expunged. I have all but one document then I will apply if they want more detail in my charge then I will provide it. It’s minor so I am hoping it’s no issue and I have no conviction so keeping my fingers crossed.

Lily can tell you but you are likely to be denied.  I am sorry.

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