Darjeeling Expat

Hi all .. moved to Canada long long time ago .. I am now wishing to move back home to Darjeeling  where I grew up ... longing for the hills and the beautiful environment.. I am looking to / would love to open a AirBnb in Darjeeling .. I want do much to move back home ... any ideas on the bed and breakfast .. business would help ty
Eddy xx

Hi Eddy,
Thank you for your post. We run a professional hospitality company and we also work as freelance advisors and consultants for people who want to set up any aviation or hospitality related business. We can help you set up your Airbnb in Darjeeling from scratch if you like. Do connect with us if you are interested,
Domnic & Eric.

Hello Dominic and Eric..

    What indifferent information do you have that would’ve if help to me.. please fill me in if you don’t mind


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