I want to belize,what should i do?

Hi all,I am from China,I want to go to belize,and i want buy a farm in belize. I know one farm is on sales site in highway west,but i can't contact him. What can I do,who can help me. Thanks so much.

the rule for buying farmland , Is much the same as for any property.   look and compare. the variation in the quality of land equals Africa,  and the most important factor is water supply.   conversely, coupled with drainage,, river frontage or access, absolutely essential if you want to grow crops.    remember "beauty is in the eye of the vendor"   always look your self.

Hi,friend,your photo look s like my grandpa,so please allowed me to call you grandpa.

dear grandpa,are you living in belize now? I know the farm salesman phone number,but my English is not good, so I want to asked him about his Skype or Facebook or Twitter account number.if i have her account number i can chat with her go through translation software.
Can you help me?
Thank you so much.

Since you are from China, you might have an advantage you are not aware of.

There is a large Chinese population living, working and operating business in Belize.   Over about the last decade  Chinese families have taken over the retail grocery business, as well as a major part of the distribution of food to these stores throughout the country.

Chinese cooperate with one another in a way that Belizions just don't do. As a result they control this important industry.

I have been told Chinese families usually have contacts with the equivalent of a "Godfather" in Belize City that will loan money, help them set up a store(s) and  "smooth  the immigration/citizenship" process along and otherwise help them get established.

As you speak the language, I suggest you call several larger grocery stores in the bigger cities to see if the owner can give you contact information.

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