Moving To Belize With A moving Van Full of Furniture?

I am wanting to drive down to Belize with a moving van full of furniture from Vancouver, Canada. I have a lot experience travelling through Mexico and Belize, but not wit a load of furniture. Has anyone done this? How much hassle is it getting through Mexico???

Mexico will confiscate everything without reason
Can't bring lumber items to Belize

Why would you do that?  You can purchase in Chetumal all you need and even in Belize.

noone will confiscate anything. where is this even comming from... you can travel easy thru mexico and belize. i dont know about the states... load your car/van/truck with anything you can, pressure cooker, tools etc. they are very pricy in belize. if you have a place in belize where you can leave the stuff do so before registering the vehicle. i did so, i came with an full rv , the guys watend some cash for letting me pass the border. i left my stuff at the farm, emptyed everything and then imported the rv.

also, i regret that i didnt bring more stuff like storage containers.  dollar store you can get for a few bugs a lot of different sotrage containers, in belize the simpliest plastic box can go up to 120 bzd which is insane... i would bring a lot of them if i could, and the small wooden ikea 6draws organizers. tools tools tools.. electrical / battery tools that cost aboout 80 out of belize cost 350 in belize so a lot of different tools are a good idea. mason jars if you are into cooking. dryer or freez dryer, solar and so on.. anything to make and preserve your food. fill your furniture with all sorts of things.

Thank- You I have been to Belize many time and I know replacing my tools and furniture will cost a fortune there.Can u tell me what route you took through Mexico to Chetumal?

dont really remember . it was now 2 y ago, coming from texas .. then eventually mexico city.. at some point the direction cancun.. but never had problems on the way.  will look if i can have any of the old emails , maybe there i have the info.

@uuujunglelife When you went through the Mexico border did you just do the regular FMM and TIP?


Make sure you are aware of Tariffs bringing things into Belize.  70 to 80% unless under QRP.  Your truck/trailer will be around 80% of blue book.

What do you mean by a "Moving Van"? Will it stay in Belize?  Do you own it? U-Haul doesn't allow.  etc.  Need title.

Recommend you stay in the US as much as possible travelling.  From Vancouver go to San Antonio, Texas. Go to Laredo, Texas.  Monterrey, Mex.  San Luis Potosi.  Take the Mexico M40D de Cuota far/far on the outskirts of Mexico City and go around it.  Puebla.  Then head towards the cost to either Vera Cruz or Coatzacoalas.  Villahermosa. Chetumal. Then into Belize.

Don't take the Brownsville/Matamoros Gulf route.

At the border you need to make three stops.  1. Customs, 2.  Passports, 3.  Vehicle tag.  At Neuva Laredo this will be 3 different locations.

Buy your Mexico Vehicle Insurance on line before you even start.

Stay on the Toll Roads.  This will be Several Hundred dollars for tolls.

Get off the roads before dark.

Try to stay at Fiesta hotels all along the route.  Park inside the hotel grounds.

Spend $2,000 to $4,000 and have all of your rubber connections replaced.  Radiator hose, flush radiator, replace thermostat, spark plugs, fan belts, brakes, tires, etc.

What about the ferry from Tampa Florida to Puerto Morelos? The Yucatan express? Have you had any experience with that route, or has anyone on this forum?

My folks live just north of Tampa so that may save me the long way around the gulf.
Last I saw, it wasn't working since 2003...
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