Freight Forwarding from western Canada

has anyone shipped personal goods from Alberta to Belize?  How did it work out for you?

We are moving to Belize from Alberta  in 2013. We are looking for recommendations on moving our personal property, car, etc.

We also are planning a move from Alberta to Belize in 2013.  I have researched some 'freight forwarding' companies in regard to transporting our personal belongings (truck, shop equip, bobcat etc.)  Most of the companies are located in Ontario or BC.  I cannot find one that does road transport directly to BZE.  They all want to package and load your goods and transport them to a seaport(Vancouver)for delivery to Belize City.
I looked into purchasing new sea containers ($4100 for 40 ft) from a Calgary company and having them forwarded.  That is more expensive, as you are required to provide a lifting machine to get the sea cans on the truck.  Also there is an additional $500 charge if the sea cans are not rented from the shipping line, who allocate space on the ship to individual freight forwarding companies.
Alternatively, road transporting may be an option, if you can find someone who will drive through Mexico.  There will also be duties at the US,Mexico and Belize boarders.
I think I have reached the point where I will sell everything in Alberta and purchase new in Belize

If you have any insight, please share.


Try schenker- they have to offices in Alberta

Tried Schenker.  They only carry commercial property, no personal property.  But thanks for the interest.

Try Astra International.. they are located in Vancouver however they provide services within Canada Tel: (604) 422-8001
Fax: (604) 422-8109

Email: info[at]
Toll Free: 1-800-799-3332

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