Expired Family visit visa

My husband and my son came with family visit visa. Before 1 week of expiration, I renewed it through Abshier. But unfortunately, I forgot to click the extend visa last option just for confirmation.
It showed that extended to next month of Dec. 23. I thought that's it. Before Dec. 23, for next renewal, I found out not renewed and expired last Nov. 23, Please anyone can help me what to do????
I went to Jawazat and explain to them everything. They ask me to go to Wafadin!
But our friend told us nit to go there!
Anyone can help me or can advised what to do please...
Thank you in advance....

unfortunately, it's a big problem.
I strongly advise you to go to Wafedin departement to explain the situation, ignoring the case will make it bigger.


No problem at all dear, Do the following steps;

1. You have to print out fee if you paid already for extending visa (as proof).
2. Visit to Tarheel office, where handling all illegal, crime, etc cases.
    Show them your fee payment receipt and they will do the rest to extend.
    They will get finger prints of visitors, and filled a form.
3. It will cost you 500sr. to pay before visit to jawazat and submit that documents from Tarheel and
    500sr. payment receipt.

withitn next 24 hours visa will extended.

if wafidin is not working
you can contact with me : ***

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Thank You ..

Hi, Thank you,
yes we will try this...

Ok Sir,
Please send me private message. Thanks

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