Moving to Albania

Hello, we are looking into moving to Albania.

We cannot find any information regarding cheaper property for sale. All you seem to get is new apartments on the coast.
We cannot afford this type of property and I also want to build a garden so I need some land. Does anyone know if you are able to purchase cheaper properties inland a little. Area does not matter so long as it is not too far from a large town or the coast.

I do not care about the state of any building so long as it has electric and water as I plan to build my own structure ( cabin style) and landscape the garden.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

I hope you are great,it is a bit difficult to find one,it depends what do you want near,is known that in the village the prices are the lowest.

Hello Marinel (not sure if that is your correct name, sorry).
I am looking to put up a few holiday lodges. I want a ruin that comes with land, water and electric.
Ideally in some hills no more than about 40 minutes from the coast or a major town.

I cannot find anything regarding property sales so I presume it is not a big market in Albania. All you see is apartments by the coast or large houses.

I am looking for the cheaper end of the market as I need to buy and then invest in making the plot nice (we are not rich). We have been looking at Bulgaria and there are many cheap properties from £3,000 to £10,000 but Bulgaria has very cold winters and lots of snow.

I am a garden landscaper and I want to make a beautiful garden with ponds and Albania would be perfect weather wise.

I hope this helps you understand what I am looking for. If you know of someone who could help find this type of property that would be great or at least tell me where to start looking.

Sincere regards Kevin

My name is Marinel.
Yes I am understanding.The main problem is here you can find apartments,stores.And is a bit tough to find land,I have searched different times and it was with a building,or not in a good position.
Are some agencies like Remax,century 21,des real estate,but in Albania the majority put a table on the window.Those agencies are used more by turists.And prices are too high in those agencies.
My cousin has a land have made a 2 floor building.But you want only a land.And is not good for you.
Best regard.

hello Kevin,
I love the sound of your idea and projects. Marinel has given good advice. The real estate market does look to be a difficult one to get into and i have kept half an eye on it for a couple of years. I was intrigued by your idea of 40 minutes from a town ! that would open the search.  However I feel that property near the coast has seen big investment , development and foreign interest.

I would suggest that if you did not need to build but to adapt an existing property then this may work better or you will need to consider buying a farm if one comes up.

My guess is that you will need to go to Albania a few times and search out a few places and build up some contacts before such a move and that you my need to consider whether your plan will have legs without additional capital.  Your skill set coincides with my interests and I would think that you would have an impact there in terms of design. This may help you get the project over the line. I would also suggest that you may have to consider how to grow your plants for yourself ! There appears to be a shortage of plant variety !

Interesting ideas . Hope that you are successful. I have not dissimilar ideas for the future which would require a lot of garden landscaping ! .So I hope that you will share news. If my memory is correct Marinel is studying law or just finished his placements. Finding good professionals can also be fun I often been  told  !  So I would keep him in mind .

Hello Mike.
That are the best advices,here the problem is people are going in big cities,is only Tirana,Durres,the other cities are less populated,the doctors are going in Germany,about the village I think is great,the bussines are growing fast,people are doing agroturism here,but is something new and is seeing a bit with scepticism but I think that it is the future.In small town some things are not seeing for example shopping center,I visited 1 about 4 years ago when I got to Tirana for my studies,I did not understand how that works,with stores,how is proceeded,not only I all the people that comes from small towns,villages are even worse.

Yes I finished bachelor in law.Thank you for your opinion.I hope god bless you.

yes I can understand this effect of cities. The city has advantages and disadvantages. The development around Tirana an Durres are the main focus but in an age of internet, micro power generation and the pollution of the city I question at how is the best way to develop.

I suspect for foreigners the villages will offer the better investment opportunities and may re vitalize many settlements. I used to know a couple of people that invested in Spain and they would not touch the developments but would buy into villages because the population was there for a reason.

I hope that you are well and doing well . I hope to return to your country soon to develop my business interest . I remember that you gave good advice before. To your success  I will say gezuar ! naten e mire

Yes,I forgot to write that,the young peoples go for studies so the system here is all the students wants to go to Tirana,that is the top,there is Elbasan and Durres,Vlora university,Shkodra too.Some move because finish high school do not have money and go to big cities,because small town do not find a job,like you I see that in villages,but my cousin made a big investment in villages,about 1 million£,and he fallimented,for the situation that is now I see like to make an investment near autostrad,that make bridge to the cites.
Thank you,hope we will meet when you will come in Albania.

Marinel ,
I am so pleased learn of your progress. It is the duty of people like me to guide and encourage people like you because I hope that you will make Albania better.
Thank you for you thoughts. I am a believer to be nice and good to all in life unless they do harm. We never know who we will meet in the future. We are all ambassadors for our countries and our families. I have been blessed by meeting so many nice Albanians and will feel that debt of gratitude for all time
diten e mire

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