Homeschooling in Belize

Hello everyone,

Homeschooling your children as an expat in Belize will definitely come with its load of challenges. Here is a special call to parents who are already homeschooling their children or who plan on doing so to share any information they might have.

Should you opt for homeschooling, is it legal in Belize ? Do you require to register your child or do you need any kind of permission / exemption from the authorities ?  If it is not legal, what alternative option/s do you have ?

How do you go about getting all the necessary educational resources (books, syllabus, notes etc…) to pursue your children’s education in Belize ? Does it depend on the curriculum ?

What do you add in your homeschooling techniques to help educate your child that might not be offered or available in traditional schooling ?

How do you socialise homeschooled children in Belize by providing them opportunities to interact with other children ?

If you have any interest in homeschooling, could you please share your views on the pros and cons ?

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Hi there,

Wer currently lifeschooling. Guess the closest to homeschooling. We have activity books that a local pre school use. We also do a lot of free play, cooking, wood working, painting. Letting him lead more apart from the focus on alphabets and numbers. As for socialising we go to the local playground. He also does taekwon do twice a week. The socialising aspect is what we find most difficult because a lot of locals don’t bring their kids out that often. Any advice or other fellow homeschoolers would be much appreciated. Or just to simply connect.

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