long term let Ostuni

Hi All

very happy to be here, hoping to get some insight and help.

My partner and I would like to move to Ostuni in April next year, we have a happy little dog a not so happy teenage daughter, and a business we can run from the internet.

Is there anybody here who would like to rent a property/villa to us for six months while we look for a place to buy.

ideally we would like

3 bedrooms
outside space/ roof terrace or land
big rooms


please let me know if anyone can help.


Hello Firefly,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

I would suggest that you post a free advert in the dedicated Housing in Italy section for your accomodation search.

Good luck,

Team Expat.com

Hello, my wife and I are wanting to rent an 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in the Bari area or north; Giovinazzo or Molfetta.
Our budget is E600 per month.
Any help would be appreciated.
Grazie, rob

Hello Jay
My name is Monica and I am an Italian/British who has just moved back to Italy after 31 years in the UK.
My dear friend Natalie has also moved to Ostuni from the UK a few months ago. It was harder than she thought to find a rental, she was very disappointed with lots of estate agents and came across a few dodgy ones!
She did manage to rent a property for a year, but it isn't easy to find long term properties. Through lots of internet searching and a bit of luck we found a decent estate agent.
Natalie is looking for fellow ex-pats there so if you are interested I can put you in touch with her or I can give you the details of the estate agent.
Good luck!

Hi Jay,

If you are abroad, it might be better for you to contact an agent or broker in the area. We know many of them in the area since we work in this sector.

Alternatively, you can check in internet and see if there is a property which suits you. However I suggest you not to sign any contract or pay any deposit before talking to a lawyer. Foreigners are easy to make mistakes due to language barriers.




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