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We are in Sosua and planning an early December day trip with house guests. 6 total-3 guys, 3 gals. All in fairly good shape. We will have a driver

2 part question - is Samana too far for a day trip? Other than the beach, are there other things to do there?

The driver also suggested Blue Lagoon/Dudu Lagoon, by Cabrera. Lots of small towns and beaches to go through and stop on the way. But, anything else? We have a couple "adventure seekers".

Any other suggestions? It will get dark early. And, we don't want to be in the car all day. We can all hike. Snorkeling could work.

Fire away!

Not sure on how long a drive is too long for you, but real bike shop in Las Terrenas can set up a mountain biking adventure to whatever level you want. We've rented a couple times and a guide, sometimes it's Luis the owner, sometimes not, but always a good time. I can put you in touch, if you wish.

Well over two hours each way so probably a bit too much for a day trip.

Why not think about going west? Luperon, La Isabela, Punta Rucia, Playa Ensenada, Manatees and Cayo Arena. Plenty of places to stop off probably on the way back.

If you prefer to go east, perhaps limit the drive as far as Playa La Entrada - good fo a simple beach lunch of grilled fish on charcoal and nearby you can visit, Cabo Francés Viejo National Park and I am told there is good snorkelling at nearby Breton Beach (williweb?), and the Dudu Lagoon. Not to forget Laguna Gri Gri in Rio San Juan.

Go west and check out Damajagua Falls.  Drive close,.hike in, guide takes you up 7 or 12 levels and after you can have a drink and a bite to eat. Ilve done it 12 times but not for a few years.  This is just past Imbert!

Would me needing to somewhat baby a twingy back preclude the falls?

Nope it shouldn't. Stick to the bottom 7!

If you do the falls...I might join you!

Also, it's a good 1-1 1/2 to Las Terrenas from Cabrera...I just left you a whatsapp...Our area has a lot of Sehenswürdigkeiten....(things worth German)

Playa Breton is a bit 'iffy'.... rocky and can be rough.

Playa Grande probably offers the best lunch.... and Playa Preciosa beside it is beautiful.

RSJ and Playa Grande are just over an hour from Sosua.
Laguna Gri-Gri (RSJ) offers a boat tour out to the ocean and dropping in at various coves.
Magente has Paraiso.... formerly Los Gringos.
Beautiful beach - you'll be alone - good food (they post here at times)

Dudu and Lago Azul are east of Cabrera.
One has a fee.... Christian Bale went there one day !!1
Swung on a rope into the lagoon

La Entrada is worth the trip but you're eating up your time.
Maybe 35-40 minutes past RSJ/Playa Grande

All in all - perhaps the western trip is more accessible for you
Both are worth doing

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