Storing Items in the DR

Knowing the climate I am curious to know any and all storage tips. I am talking about clothing, linens, silverware (prob not real silver lol), cloth furniture, electronics, beach equipment, appliances, etc.

Just buying first home in the DR North Coast and want to ensure items left are ok and how best to manage the degradation and loss the climate can bring if i am not prepared.

Don't have to answer it all, but any lessons learned or quick tips with specifics will help me learn. I appreciate any and all help.

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We buy these canisters full of little white balls that collect moisture. Can't remember the name. We put them in all the closets when we are out of country.

We also treat our wood cabinets and closet doors with liquid gold to keep them from drying out.

And we installed small ceiling fans in both bathrooms and the laundry room. That helps speed up drying of towels, swim suites.

Put rice in your salt shaker. Keep sugar, flour, coffee in the fridge.

When away from home for a few hours to a days I always leave my ceiling fans on. Air circulation helps inhibit mold growth.  I leave closet doors open to aid in air circulation as well.

I lost many leather items my first year here as I didn't know this.

The electrical cost of a few ceiling fans is very low.

I had a new swim suit 2 trips ago. Admittedly, it was inexpensive. But it was a cute blue with a cool zipper all the way up the front. When we came back last time, the metal zipper was rusted shut! Lol! Lesson learned.

Thank you all - this is great information. Bummer about the swimsuit I am sure there will be a few lessons learned like that haha!

Last time we left for 6 months and had stored all our clothes and bed linens in large vacuum sealable bags. No issues at all upon our return

Yes those bags are great!!!   Make sure you have a vacuum to suck all the air out and you are good!

Thanks for the storage bag idea. I used those to condense stuff in suitcases to bring stuff over. Never even thought about using them for long term storage after we arrived !

We use Jumbo vacuum bags, they work great

Christie E:
What a great travel idea! I would not have thought of that, but with 4 of us flying in next spring that could be a huge help.....

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