EPass Rejected: JobBanks

   I was serving my notice period when I was offered a Job in Singapore. They applied my EPass on 30th August which got rejected and the HR told me that it was due to Job hadn't been posted on JobsBanks for 14 Days. Now they have done it and also re-appealled.
I just wanted to know the probability of this getting approved as I am now a sitting duck.

If the rejection of your application was due to job ad in job bank which is corrected now, can be seen as a positive part of your appeal. So, result of your appeal shouldn't take more time. Good luck

Thanks, I will update the status once it changes.

Just a Update on the timeline...
30th August Date of Application
11th October Date of Re-appeal
16th October (Made a direct enquiry and got a response that appeal is in progress).
Now awaiting with "fingers crossed" in the HR words :) As of 24th October.
Will update the thread once I get the outcome.

Hi, pratiks.
May I know who you made a direct enquiry?
How about the process now, I am exactly the same situation with you.
Job bank posted on 26 September
Employer apply EP on 10 October
Reject on 30 October
Appeal on the same date

May I know whether my employer got fulfil the 14 days job bank requirement?

Appreciate if any can help to answer on this

I myself made a direct enquiry. Visit the MoM site and at the bottom is "Contact us" link.
Firstly how can appeal date be same as rejection when job needs to be posted for 14 days(dates seem confusing) ?
Visit https://www.mycareersfuture.sg/?utm_sou … n=jobsbank
Then enter your company name, you should be able to see the job posting details.

12 November and still the same status :sosad:  Did anyone face such a long wait....it's like the third month from the application date now :blink:

My HR applied on 29Aug pending until now.... I also have no idea what is going on  :sosad:

Finally the wait is over!! Visa got approval got it today, exact one month after appeal

Hi all, congratulations to the ones whose EP is approved.

My new employer: Power company (The most reputed company in Singapore)
Position: SM
Function: Very niche in Singapore
Salary: 10k
Experience: 8 years
Date of EP application: 4th Oct
Current status: Rejected, the reason stated-Incorrect job title and salary range
Employer HR, updated the Job title and Salary range (but kept the salary hidden)
1st Appeal done on: 11th Nov
1st appeal rejection date: 19th Nov, reason stated that the salary is hidden, requested to do job posting again with a visible salary range.

My question here is:
In my appointment letter, the job position had the function name included with the word 'Group' as this is a group power company.
Now, the earlier job posting dint include the 'Group' word but straight away stated..Senior Manager, Function/Dept name. Now, when the HR gonna repost the job posting again, should I ask them to include the word 'Group' in the title, or just let it be the same title as in the last posting, as MOM dint raise any issue over it in the rejection reason.
Appreciate early response.

If the rejection reason was due to job posting issue at JobBank then correct posting would help your appeal. If rejection has some other reason then your employer needs to address before appealing your case. Good luck

Hi, this is my first time work in Singapore and my EP application was rejected due to MOM said "THE SALARY RANGE IN THE JOB ADVERTISEMENT WAS HIDDEN OR NOT STATED." as confirmed with my employer and the Company had appealed for me already.
Date of EP application : 11 Nov 2019
Rejected on: 21 Nov 2019
Appealed date : 22 Nov 2019

However, my employer confirm that they had clearly stated the salary range in job advertisement before apply for the EP application and they had attached the relevant job posting document to MOM in the appeal email.

My question here is: Does the probability of getting EP very high?

Appreciate early response.

It will be difficult to say whether the probability is higher or lower in this case. If employer addressed the MoM's query successfully then MoM will consider your application then it will go through the various yardsticks before it accepts or rejects. Good luck