Bank Routing Numbers....

Good day Group...the question is on" Bank Routing Numbers" , not Swift, just the "Routing Numbers"

The Problem is the 2 Banks I have in Brasil "Only"  and no seem to understand "Routing Numbers"

The Banks keep giving me a 'Agency #, Operation # and Account #" ...if anyone has a clue of "Routing Numbers " for the Banks in Brasil or What I need to tell them to get a RN ......please reply.....

As Usual " No Swags"...The USA only works on I believe it is a 13 digit RN System...

Thanks in Advance

Grizz good to hear from ya all. Normally the routing number (FedACH) is the first number on the bottom of a check. (Followed by acct # )
What your bank may give you is IBAN
An IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is the customer's bank account number in a standard, internationally recognized format. Used with a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), it helps to process international payments automatically, making them more secure and faster. It also helps prevent payments from being rejected, delayed, or sent incorrectly, which could involve additional charges being applied.

The IBAN is an internationally agreed-upon system created to facilitate the process of cross border transactions with a reduced risk of transcription errors. The IBAN code is used when making money transfers between banks, mostly to/from other countries.

And Howdy to you Amigo. I will inquire to the Iban. .

Thanks Amigo...
Did you Help Save the
For your allways saving
I will let you know how it works for, I just want one of Retirement checks to go direct to the bank here in "Beautiful Bountiful Brasil "....

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IBAN numbers are normally 29 #'s example; BR 97 00360305 00001 0009795493 P

Thanks Big Tex, I was at Lackland AFB, so I got the AF Tour and a few days liberty to enjoy the River Walk in its Deadliest years (lol) I was there the 1st year of the 'Spurs"...and the rest is History....I will check all and get back to you...I am not sure on how many characters /numbers the system can handle..

Thanks again. ..

Grizz I will bump to those in the know and types of retirement which can be deposited in Brasil.
Yes with SS under the agreement between to two countries. Not sure as to others.
Keep in touch........ got to see you on a mCycle!

Texanbrazil wrote:

Grizz I will bump to those in the know and types of retirement which can be deposited in Brasil.
Yes with SS under the agreement between to two countries. Not sure as to others.
Keep in touch........ got to see you on a mCycle!

Thanks Bro, it's all good, I know SSI will participate, I think the OPM may cut a Alotment.  I will leave else in the USA. 
Got to head into Recife to renew passport and get the lady.👄 a Visa.
They got a office there one stop. ....the MC will be of caliber, maybe a 1 cylinder ,less to go wrong and financed for life so I can give the dayuuum thingy back if it

That's how we roll.....

Understood. Just got back from SP to get her renewed US Visa, and she did passport here. Good for another 10 years

On this topic, are SS checks easily mailed to bank account here? Also, this is a tax question. I am current re taxes in US. I closed retirement acct the year I moved here. This acct was thru workplace, so since I was retired, didn't think much of it. All past years the contribution was taxed. Ok, when I tried to open the bank acct here, even though I showed them the origin of the funds, they keep asking re tax paid. I explained the aforementioned scenario, but to no avail. How much trouble am I in re US tax law? Do I need to pay taxes now on the full amount withdrawn? Is this considered tax evasion? I have no plans to return to the US, but you never know. How can I fix whatever problem I am/or not in? Thanks for your transparency.

Pension, 401K and self IRA's are tax deferred until age 72 or withdrawal.
You said it was " thru workplace". Was it a 401K or annuity?
The "administrator" would have reported the closing of the acct to the IRS and issued the proper tax form for the year of withdrawal.
If you did not pay the penalty/tax on early with drawl, YEP you have a big issue. This can be up to 50% of the funds withdrawn with interest,
1. Contact administrator
2 file an amended tax return.


1. If you're living in Brazil permanently, your Social Security is administered by the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) at the US Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.   They handle all Portuguese-speaking countries, and understand the expat condition a lot better than SSA stateside does.  You should contact them, if you haven't already.   Their information,  including contact info, is here: … -security/

2. Tax liability on retirement account.   As Tex says, this depends on three things:  (1.) the type of account, (2.) whether you rolled the proceeds over into a similar type of account,  and (3.) your age at withdrawal, if the account type had a penalty triggered by withdrawal before a minimum age, usually 59 1/2, if memory serves.  Your plan administrator should have the information you need.  In fact, they should have provided it when you closed the account, so check your records.

Thanks for your detailed & sadly figured reply. I guess I was hoping I was wrong.  Time to fix my issue, no getting around whats right.  On this note, should I amend my address to be my BR address at the time of filing my amended return? I had kept the US address before since I receive my Soc Sec comm there. Is there a benefit to let IRS have my BR address? Also, is it better to file amended return now or better to do so in July for any benefit? Thanks again for your unparalelled kindness. :/

IRS address should match SS address.
I would file 2019 ASAP, especially if no 2018 taxes were filed, to get any hope of the stimulus payment. Everyone's has a different situation.
Not knowing detailed information, I would look on the IRS site for answers.
You can set up auto deposit for SS payments. As abthree said US expats in BR are handled in Portugal. (site was listed). Mail is not the best for checks in BR.

Thanks for the info. The link I will explore fullest. Obrigada! :D

Great, my numero uno on to-do list for the weekend. Thanks bros in arms!!  :cheers: