Opening a bank account in Brazil for an American


I am an American who travels to Brazil only a few times a year- I don't plan to take residence in Brazil- I only visit my girlfriend- is it possible to create a joint account with my girlfriend if I am an American without a CPF registration and a non-Brazilian citizen?

Would this change if I married her but still travel to Brazil only sometimes?

I would like to learn about anyone who is a foreigner who created a banking account in Brazil


Sadly, Brazil is very strict on brick-and-mortar banking. In Brazil. It is illegal for non-residents to have brick-and-mortar bank accounts, including having your name on a joint account with a Brazilian. This is one of the huge goals and reasons lots of us became, or want to become, residents. A few people have managed, but they risk having their accounts blocked or seized.

All of us foreigners who have bank accounts in Brazil, have permanent visas - this is a pre-requisite to opening an account here. I have known a couple of cases slip through the net, but this is the rule.

So as an American with a Brazilian girlfriend, you will not be allowed to open an account, not even a joint one with her.

If you marry her, and receive a permanent visa as a result, then you would be able to open an account - even if you only travelled to Brazil a few weeks per year...

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One thing to keep in mind, if not already there... If you ever get an opportunity to open a bank account in Brazil, or in any other country, make absolutely sure to discuss with a CPA in the USA, how to go about complying with the IRS, by declaring the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report). If the IRS finds out you have a Foreign bank account before you report it, you will be in deep trouble to clear your name from suspicion for money laundering, etc... Best of luck.

@roy_usa_2023 It sounds like everyone covered the banking angle. I would only add to verify your opportunity to visit. Be careful of going back and forth to Brazil. They are very particular about your visa status when you travel.

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