Singapore Work Holiday Pass (WHP) Starting Date

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My application for WHP was accepted and now I have time till 29th Dec 2019 to pick up the pass in Singapore. However, my concern is the starting date of the pass. Most of the internships I applied start in the mid-Jan or beginning of February at the latest and last for 6 months, which means the pass will expire by the time I finish my internship. Little did I expect that they proceed with my application that fastly (less than 1 week) while they mentioned it takes 3 weeks up to 2 months.
So my question is: The starting date of my pass will be the date I pick up my pass or the date I start my internship?
If it is the case, is it possible to travel outside Singapore when the pass expires and then returns with my ASEAN passport - visa exemption for 30 days to finish the rest of my internship? Otherwise, I'd appreciate if anyone proposes any better alternative!

Thanks all in advance!

Your pass validity must have mentioned in approval letter. Your internship should be finished within or before that date. So, no matter when you collect the pass, the date of expiry remains same.

Your idea of exiting SG then come back to complete your internship is out of question. That 30 days visa (if immigration officer gives) is valid under tourist visa, not to continue internship.

Thanks for your swift response! I didn't find any deadline on my approval except "This In-Principle Approval (IPA) is valid until 29 DEC 2019." - the deadline for me to complete my registration and pick up the card.
In this case, do you have any idea what kind of pass/ visa I can apply to complete the remaining days of my internship? It is a compulsory part of my studies, so no matter what happens, I need to complete it.
Again, thanks a lot!

As I said earlier, in your IPA it must have stated that the expiry of the WHP. So, Dec 29 is the validity of your WHP. It can be extended. 

You must have valid WHP to complete your internship, the completion date must have indicated at the time of your application and authorities must have taken into consideration before approving your WHP. Hence, tourist visa (you can read more details in MoM website below) is not applicable for your continuation of internship. … -programme

Hi all. I have received the pass approval day before with the same date to collect - 29th December. Can someone please guide me that how much time it usually takes to collect the pass after application ia made at EPSC.

Many thanks


You mean time between applying a WHP to collect your pass! It depends on the duration it takes to get approval of your pass. Each case is different to others. So, there is no time frame for this but roughly can take from 1 week to several weeks.


Have you tried to ask for an extension of the validity of your IPA letter ? Mine expires the 6th of January 2020 and I do not know if I would be albe to be in Singapore on time.

Thanks :)

Indeed! I contacted the MoM about my case (applied too early and turned out that the pass will have expired before my internship ends...) and they granted me a new IPA (extended for 1 month more) within 24 hours (!!! Sorry, it is totally a shock to me as I'm living in France lol).
Hope it helps!

How did you contact the MOM? Cause I am not sure which form to use in order to extend my IPA

Hi there,

I just simply filled in the "Contact Us" form and explained my situation. The form will be proceeded and you will receive the response within 24 hours.

Hope it helps!

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