New rule for renewal of iqama together with scfhs

guys, can you please enlighten me coz im really nervous now!thre is this issue that my co worker told me regarding the renewal of iqma and also license in scfhs.. Is it true that you cannot renew your iqama unless your license in saudi council for health specialties is renewed? Because my license is still on process but my iqama will expired this december? Im really nervous..

Yes that is true. For Engineers and Technicians for Iqama renewal the registration should be done with  Saudi Council of Engineers. And for Accountants and Account Technicians registration should be done with SOCPA ( Saudi Organisation for Certified Public Accountants) in order to renew their iqamas, after august.  Similarly for Doctors and medical staff also they need to register with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
By the way if the certificates and degree are genuine and attested from Saudi Consulate in the countries  from where the certificates have been received, and the foreign office in Saudi Arabia , the registration process takes only couple of days for Engineers and technicians. Even similar for SOCPA.

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