planning to come to Austria to study next year

Hi my name is Damary am coming from Tanzania. Am planning to come to Austria to study next year.I would like to know the best university and if I can work while am studying cause some people they told me u can’t work in austria if you don’t know German language.l would like also to meet people in austria

Thank 🙏🏽

Hi Damary,

Welcome to!

Hey Damary,

Welcome to :)

The knowledge of German is an advantage for work but not impossible. without knowing it. You are limited to what work you can do though. Low skilled work as a pot wash in a restaurant is an option.

You will also be limited to the number of hours you can work.

Why do you want to come to Austria to study? What subject(s) do you wish to study? I only ask because the majority will be in German.

Expat Team

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