US-British citizen considering move to Austria...

Hi everyone,

I am US-British dual citizen (currently living in the UK) and I have a possible job opportunity in Austria.  I was hoping someone on here could help me...

Does anyone here live in Austria?

I have two young children (5 & 2).  Internet sites with information about schools and school systems can't tell me, what is the experience like for the children?  I would like, above all, for my children to have a good experience in school. How are foreigners treated by other children? How are lessons organised? 

Has anyone made the move from the UK to Austria?  How does the cost of living compare?  It's easy to look up numbers on the internet, but that often misses out some things that are not so obvious or easy to quantify.  What little things did you discover?

Thanks in advance

Hi link_cat and welcome to!

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I wish you all the best,

Where are you considering living? We are looking at moving to Innsbruck and I have the same questions as you - only we have sons who are 15 & 17. We currently live in the U.S.

Well, the job opportunity in Austria did not turn out.  I've just accepted a job in Norway.

However, I did exchange some email with a friend in Austria, and he thinks that the experience of children in schools there is good.  He has two children in school.  I didn't get much description of lessons and things. 

I think we would have been okay with living there, but I quit researching it when it became clear that the job opportunity wasn't going to pan out.

Good luck!

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