Rental law - apartment vs (town)house


I wonder if it is possible for the community to limit holiday rentals for houses  in the neighbourhood as with apartments?

I am interested in buying a property in Malaga city and have red about this but can not find information on how this law affect houses.

Best regards Avbryt

A ‘community’ in Spain is not a neighbourhood as in an area of a town or city.

“Community properties in Spain are ones that share common areas or elements with other property owners. Community properties can include all manner of dwellings, such as apartments, villas or townhouses, but have a facility or area that is shared and communal.”

Thanks Johncar for a very clarifying answer!

So buying a (town)house without shared common areas or elements will be safe in this regard.

Are there flats/apartments without shared common areas or elements would you say?

Please tell me where you got the information from. You have made my life easier, been looking for the information A LOT! Thanks

Best regards Avbryt

Buying a property which is not in a community will mean there is no community group which can exert any controls.  Thus a neighbour can do anything they like providing it is not illegal under local law

If  a house/ apartment etc, which is not part of a ‘community’ then they would not be covered by the rules of a community, albeit that it may share common areas.

I googled ‘what is a community in spain’

Again... Big thanks... I am going to Malaga city next week looking for property.


Good luck!
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Thanks for sharing the hard won knowledge of yours.  I have not found one single bank reposession but I only look in Malaga city.

I will after your post really make sure not to be too spontaneus!!!

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