Is a pool necessary in winter?

We are considering moving to Costa del Sol for winters. Should we look for a place with a pool private or communal or is it just too cold to swim and a waste of time? Thanks for any assistance. Just trying to sort out our tick list.

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Not sure if you're still looking for an answer to this question or not, but I just returned from a resort on the Costa del Sol and it was WONDERFUL having a pool. However, the weather was unseasonably warm and it was still not hot enough to get anywhere near the water.
I think it truly comes down to what you value- for the week, it was a major plus to have the pool to sit around but (unless you've got a heated pool) it would not be feasible to actually use during most of the winter so might not be worth the upkeep costs.

Very much luck of the draw to weather temperatures. At the moment it can be down to zero degrees at night and the pool water hardly recovers during the day.

Steve from your profile you appear to be in Madrid.

The posters were referring to Cost del Sol

I have lived there for over 30 years now and have never seen it down to zero.  Probably 5º is the lowest I have seen on the coast   However, for me  anything below 25C now feels chilly.

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