Possible move to Senegal

Hi there,

My husband’s company is dangling the possibility of a move to Dakar in the first quarter of next year and we are busy researching if it's something we would want.

I was born in South Africa and we lived there until I was 16  so have some inkling of Africa and my husband has worked in Africa for the last six years in various locations.

Is there a large expat community in the Dakar?

Which are the areas of Dakar to look for accommodation?

Can anyone recommend a website for us to look at to get an idea of what we would be able to get for our money?  We would be leasing.

When we move is it best to bring EVERYTHING with us?

Unfortunately at the moment don’t speak French, is it easy enough to get by with just English?

If we needed help around the house or with a driver what are the average weekly salaries?

We are currently living in the UK is the cost of living high in Senegal?

Will would be thinking about bringing our little dog Charlie with us. Is life easy with a dog in Dakar.

Apologies, for the long post.  Cheers Rachael

Hi Rachel,

good morning, sorry no one responds to you here, but atlease the admin could have done so.
Are you already in Dakar? If not, yes there is a big expat community in senegal . Here is the websight.... internations.org. You can get as many answers as possible.
In terms of the language, many people here understands english a little and you can get live here with it, but have in mind that you will need a bilingual teacher.
For accomodation, i think if you want to live in outside dakar, you can check the SALY, Mbour, and dimnniado, or st louis, chies . These are good places to live outside dakar.
Then in dakar, the best places to live here are POINT E, almadies, mermos, ngor, sacre coeur, liberte 1 TO 6 or otherwise hann marist. You can as well live in the plato ( the seat of power, but this places i called are expensive a little bit as foreigner.
I suggest you open the internations expart and ask questions of anything you want ok. Renting a furnished house can be a little expensive but check these sites below,

you will get whatever you want from driving, service maid etc.

tell me what you really want I get it for you

I was in UK for 10 years do studying in Liverpool and Manchester

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