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During your leisure time in Senegal, you can access to various activities. Find out more in this article.

Settling abroad does not necessarily mean going to work and back home during a whole week. You will even have free afternoons and weekends when you can enjoy some leisure activities, whether alone or with your friends or family. Senegal does provide a range of leisure activities for all ages and all tastes. So if you think the country is all about a vast savanna with lively villages, you are all wrong! There is so much to discover in terms of culture and history in this West African country.


Senegalese are world famous for their legendary friendliness and hospitality. This is depicted through their way of welcoming foreigners, as well as through their lifestyle, and many places you are likely to visit across the country. You will be glad to discover and enjoy the local culture through literature, theater, art, dance, food, music, films, and in many other ways.


Senegal is deemed to be a mixture of history with modernity being one of Africa's most modern countries. Its whole infrastructure depicts the willingness of its population to demonstrate their expertise before foreigners visiting and settling in the country. Hence, you are likely to find many places of interest such as well-equipped beaches, parks, restaurants, cafes, etc., where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The country's landscapes are even more interesting than its infrastructures, along with a calm and serene atmosphere.


If you love sports, you will be delighted in Senegal. You can practice different types of sports such as rollers, motor racing, climbing, etc. In coastal regions, you can not only swim and fish but also go diving, surfing the waves, among others. You will also find many flying clubs, especially in Dakar, the capital city.

Martial arts, as well as hunting and horse races are also very popular in Senegal. Hence, you will definitely not get bored during your leisure time.

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